/Lirik Lagu Sensitive – Sorenza Nuryanti

Lirik Lagu Sensitive – Sorenza Nuryanti

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Two girls whispering about romance
They’ve never had
A feeling that they never felt
Oh God, I wish I’ve never tried
I am done looking for the answers
That I’ll never find
Still too young to understand
That’s what they say
I guess they are right

But If I tried
May be than you see
I’m not perfect
She’s better than me
How am I supposed to feel fine
No one’s trying
No one’s making me smile
Too sensitive for love

Wish I could ignore
The smile you give on her
My unhappy, my sadness
My Madness, my feelings
Are all in the same path
And I’m sad that its over
Cause it was so fun
Every second and hour
The way the attention came, came
The more that I cared it fade

(Yatni Setianingsih/Golali.id)

Foto : istimewa