/Lirik Lagu Hollow – Noire

Lirik Lagu Hollow – Noire

Lagu berjudul Hollow adalah lagu perdana dari group band Noire. Lagu ini dirilis pada 3 Februari 2023.

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I’m at state of tired that i want to erase everything.

That i want to hurt myself and destroy everyone.

That i can’t feel things, anything.

That i want to, i want to, that i don’t know what i want to.

Tired of my own expectations

About them, about us

Even though you’ve created yourself, it is tiring isn’t it?

But the fact that you should know is,

Nothing’s going to happen anyway, just ditch them away


Stop it right now

All these feelings you have to throw,

That you have to show

To everyone else who don’t even know what you’ve been through

Stop it right now

Stop it right now

Nothing left anymore

Nothing left anymore

Nothing left anymore

Nothing nothing nothing left anymore

Here engraved the lies, that hasn’t been found yet

Here lies me, and myself

(Yatni Setianingsih/Golali.id)

foto : Asyam Ashari